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A big thank you to everyone who filled out the poll for me. Very helpful!

So I've chosen a tv show someone mentioned that I've thought of before myself. Friends. You guys all know Friends, right? The show about a group of 20-somethings, who are friends? Anyway, I here's my casting idea, but I think arguments could be made for a lot of casting. And I'd love to see a BSB recast - I don't really know them well enough to do it.

Joey = Joey. Duh! This to me is the only no brainer.
Phoebe = JC. I just love the idea of JC writing Smelly Cat and singing about grinding up cow into hamburger to little kids.
Monica = Justin. Three words: Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Chandler = Chris. Sarcastic, self-deprecating, smart, likes to be completely immature with Joey. And you get a cute little timbertrick couple.
Rachel = ?
Ross = Lance?

I don't know about Ross and Rachel. Ross is hard for me - I'm saying Lance because I can see him being a bit geeky as a kid (karate and writing songs on his casio) and then growing up but still being a bit dorky (getting trapped in his leather pants, whitening his teeth too much, marrying a lesbian). I can also see Justin and Lance growing up doing dance routines together. HA! But I can't think of someone to be Rachel - someone that Lance would be totally devoted to his whole life. Maybe Justin. Or I think you could make a case that Lance is Rachel but then who's Ross? Maybe Nick could be Rachel and Kevin could be Ross? I don't know. I think maybe JC could be Rachel and Lance could be Ross, but then I don't know who Phoebe is. Maybe AJ? Any ideas? And who would be Janice? Or you could now tell me your favourite scene/episode in popslash terms. Like, I love the idea of Lance shouting PIVOT! And JC learning to ride a bike.
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