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Alright. Based on your comments and my own reflections, I'm going to make this an open community. I'll still probably make weekly posts, but you should all get to post too. Because the whole point of this community is to encourage discussion, and as it was rightly pointed out, when you get an idea for sparklecasting you have to get it out right away before you forget it. Also, I know most of you and I trust you enough not to post things like, "OMG please go sign my petition to get Ashlee to come play at my school!!!1!!!" Of course, if that starts to happen for some bizarre reason, I can change to settings so that I approve posts before they get posted. But that won't happen, right? Right. Don't say you weren't warned kiddos.

So as of now, if you are a member of this community, you are able to post. Please keep posts on topic, the topic being pop recasting. I suspect most posts will be recasting ideas and discussion, but if you would like to post fic or artwork or something of that kind, that's totally welcome. It's not necessary, but if you are posting about a movie/tv show/book, it would be nice to include a link to a synopsis (like imdb or amazon) and character list. That way if we're not familiar with the source material, we can at least follow along. You can go into as much detail as you like. Personally I think the more the better, but it's up to you. Okay. I don't know if there are any other questions or anything else that needs to be address. If so, let me know. Otherwise...

Can we get to the fun stuff? To start things off I tried to think of a movie that everyone has seen, so I went with something recent.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Here's a link to the imdb page, which gives you a plot summary, character list, and photos. But I'm pretty sure most people are familiar with it. Let me know if you're not and I can go into more detail no problem.

So, my own recast would go as follows:

Captain Jack - Chris. You got your dreads, you got your crazy, you got Chris. He's wacky yet cunning and he's a vetran.
Will Turner - Justin. He's young, beautiful, a romantic. Talented with a sword (wink!) Hopelessly devoted to Elizabeth (he'd die for her!)
Elizabeth Swann - JC. Obviously! Gorgeous young woman who is the object of everyone's affection. And yet she's tough enough to take care of herself.
Norrington - Lance. Poor Lance. He's not a bad guy really. I mean, he's just a by the books square who's got a thing for Elizabeth and a thing against pirates.
Barbossa - A.J. Who's crazier than Chris? A.J.
Uh, I guess that makes Joey...um. The monkey? Ahaha! No, Nick is my monkey. Actually, I say Joey - Gibbs, Jack's first mate (I think he's the first mate). You know, the one who was on the ship at the beginning and then Jack and Will go to Tortuga to get him and they throw water on him? Yeah, him. He's Jack's old pal and I think it works well with the Chris-Joey dynamic.
And the rest of BSB could be the crew of the Black Pearl. Like Ragetti (wood-eye) and Pintel (wood-eye's friend) could be Nick and Brian (so maybe Nick's not my monkey). And an especially creepy one could be Kevin. And Howie would be Elizabeth's girl-servant. Ahaha!

Okay, so that leaves me with Justin/JC as the primary pairing of the golden two, which I really like. And I can see some Jack/Will subtext, which would be Chris/Justin and I think that's a good pairing for that relationship because there's a little bit of mentoring and hero worship going on there. Then you get the awesome drunk-by-rum deserted island scene between Jack and Elizabeth which is now TrickC and that would be SO good. Because you know Chris wouldn't be able to resist JC once he gets a little wasted and lets his guard down. Also, if you've ever looked for PotC slash you'll find there's a huge Jack/Norrington contingent. About which I'm very meh? But that works here for me, because I'm very meh about trickyfish. And then finally you get the one sided "pining Lance" Bassez. Woah. That's a lot of pairings.

So, that's my take on it. Anyone? Thoughts, critiques, long epic PotC AUs?

Happy posting everyone!
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