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I love big gay double weddings!

I hope I didn't scare you all away from posting! It's hard coming up with topics that I think everyone has read or seen. I hope I'm not that out of touch with what's popular with the kids these days.

I've chosen Pride and Prejudice this week, because it's one I've often cast in my head. It's a Jane Austen novel and I was a huge Jane Austen fan in my pre-teen years. I was thinking of doing Sense and Sensibility, but I think this one is more popular, so I hope a lot of you have read it. You may also know it from the BBC mini-series that was on about a decade ago. It's also been made into a few films, most recently Bride and Prejudice, which is a totally awesome Bollywood version of it that you should definitely check out if you haven't already - it's pretty faithful to the book.

So Pride and Prejudice has quite a large cast and I haven't done them all, but to keep it straight here's what I've got:
Elizabeth Bennett - Chris
Jane Bennett - JC
Lydia Bennett - Justin
Mary - ??
Kitty - ?? (I was thinking maybe Kevin and AJ for these two, but I kind of like them better as the Bingley sisters)
Mr Darcy - Lance
Mr Bingley - Joey
Mr Collins - Brian (I'm having issues with this one. I think he fits well because of the religion thing, but I don't think he's the right amount of snobby and stupid. Hmmm. But I really like the idea that if Kevin is Mary there's that secret pining for Brian that's totally rebuffed. Ahahaha!)
Wickham - Nick
Charlotte (Who ends up Mr Collins's wife, Elizabeth's boring friend) - Howie
Bitchy Bingley's sisters - Kevin and AJ
Darcy's sister Georgina - Britney

So we end up with the five Bennett sisters living with their father and their crazy mother, who is intent on marrying off all her daughter, preferably to rich men. JC is the oldest and prettiest sister with a sweet disposition. Chris is smart as a whip and sassy, he's not going to take your guff. Mary is a boring loser who loves music and religio-zzzzzzzz, Kitty gets the short end of the stick characterization-wise (she's like an older, less successful version of Lydia) and Justin is the youngest, reckless, boy-crazy sister. So, to their mother's delight (mother could maybe be Jane Carter?) who should move into Netherfield for the summer? Why Joey, a rich, affable young man, and his best friend Lance, also rich, but not so affable. He's proud and rude and not so good with the commoners. Of course there is a lovely dance party, because that's what you do, and Joey takes a liking to JC (who wouldn't?). Lance on the other hand is all huffy and thinks he's better than everyone, and Chris is all huffy because Lance thinks he's better than everyone. OMG, they totally hate each other...or do they? Well, they're forced to see a lot more of each other because Joey and JC totally have the hots for each other and they're super adorable and they love everyone and everyone loves them (except for Bingley's catty sisters, Kevin and AJ, who totally disapprove of JC and Chris). And with all this togetherness Lance begins to see that Chris is maybe not so bad after all, even if his family is embarrassing and common. Chris is bright and good looking. But Lance, he's not so good about showing it, and Chris still thinks he's an arrogant jerk.

Anyway, much stuff happens. There is the arrival of Brian, a bumbling, slightly snobby clergyman, to the Bennett residence, which he is in line to inherit. Brian proposes to Chris, because Brian's oblivious and full of himself. Chris turns him down and Brian's all offended. There's also the military in a nearby town and the girls meet lots of soldiers (Justin in particular is loving the attention). The soldiers include Nick, who's handsome and charming, and Chris is quite taken. Even more so when Nick tells Chris about how Lance is a jerk who cheated Nick and left him with no inheritance. So Chris is even nastier to Lance when he sees him and Lance is all "Nick!!!!" and fist shaking and "don't trust him!"

Okay, let's get this show on the road: JC goes to London to see Joey, except Joey never visits him and he later finds out that Lance talked Joey out of a relationship with JC because his family is so crazy. JC is sad. Brian marries Howie, Chris's best friend, and when Chris goes to visit it turns out that Lance's aunt lives in the neighbourhood and Lance keeps coming to visit and finally proposes to Chris in this really offensive "I don't want to love you but I can't help it" manner. Chris is all, "Get lost, chump! You ruined JC's chances with Joey and you cheated Nick out of money! I hate you!" So Lance leaves but writes Chris a letter in which he explains that the reason he hates Nick is because Nick eloped with Lance's little sister Britney." So Chris goes home all, "Letters that make me go hmmmm."

Nick and the army are leaving, and Chris is cold to him. Justin on the other hand is devastated and convinces his parents to let him go with some colonel's family to where the army's being re-stationed. Chris goes on some other vacation and ends up visiting Lance's huge estate, Pemberly. And who should happen to show up? Why, Lance of course! And what's this? Lance is totally charming and kind, and doesn't even mention his proposal, and Britney is there and is totally adorable and says that she wishes she could be like Chris. And Chris is all, "Waaaah?" And then a horrible letter arrives...Justin has run off with Nick! Dun dun dunnnnn!! Chris is distraught and embarrassed so he takes off home. And the family is searching for Justin but can't find him, and they all fear that he and Nick are leaving together out of wedlock and it's all very tragic. When suddenly news comes that Nick has agreed to marry Justin in exchange for a yearly income. And where is this yearly income coming from? Lance, of course.

So summer comes and Lance and Joey return to Netherfield. Joey resumes his courtship with JC and it's beautiful and sweet because they're the cutest things ever. And Joey proposes and JC says yes and there is much rejoicing. And yada yada yada, Lance proposes to Chris and there is the Austen Gay Double Wedding Ending of Doom!!!

Woah. That's an epic tale. I hope I'm not the only one who's read it, or else that was a lot of typing for nothing. Not a huge trickyfish fan myself, but this is to me pretty obviously trickyfish. I really like the JoeC going on too. And a side of JuNi (is that what the kids are calling it?). I think there's lots of room for variation though, so have at it.

Also, I would love for you to fill in the following poll so that I have an idea of what you guys have seen and are interested in popcasting. Because I want to choose ones that most people can participate in, and I'm not sure if I have a wacked out sense of what's popular. Like, maybe I'm the only one who want to popslash Saved By the Bell (if that's true, it's really your loss). And I've never seen Buffy, so I wouldn't think to recast it, but I have a feeling a lot of you would. Right. So fill in as many of your favourite movies/shows/books and if you run out of room, feel free to comment with more. :) EDIT: trumpeterofdoom suggested musicals and doh! silly me. Of course not all musicals/plays have been made into movies, so feel free to suggest some in the other category.
Poll #488206 recasting suggestions

Name some movies you'd like to popcast:

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Name some books you'd like to popcast

Any other popcasting ideas?

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