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popcastastic's Journal

Popslash Casting
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Hi! Welcome to popcastastic

This is where we ask the tough questions:
Wouldn't the X-Files have been better with Chris and Lance, instead of Mulder and Scully?
Do you see Lance as more of a Princess Leia, or C3PO? And what about Joey? Chewbacca or Han Solo?
Which of the March sisters is JC? Well not Amy, because that's obviously Justin. So maybe that makes JC Laurie...
Yes, this is a community dedicated to recasting movies, tv shows, and books with people from the pop fandom. We're talking nsync, the backstreet boys, Britney, Christina, etc. It's like your own personal AU machine!

Everyone is welcome to come and discuss! This is a slash-friendly community. So, if you are not slash-friendly, then you'd probably be better of elsewhere. This is a pop friendly community. If you don't like nysnc, you'd probably be better off elsewhere. This is a friendly community in general. I can't imagine what you'd want to be nasty about here, but don't. Trolling, personal attacks, etc., will not be tolerated. You don't have to agree with everyone, in fact, discussion is encouraged. But please be civil about it. That way everyone has fun!

This community is in the development stages and as its structure is cleared up, I'll update the userinfo to be more informative.

Any questions, complaints or suggestions should be directed to _jules_ by way of email: julesesque@yahoo.ca